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Our muscles are always working. We use them to pump blood around our body, to kick a football...

Title: Sherman Alexie
Author: Sherman Alexie
he story of a fourteen-year-old junior, a teenager on the Spokane Indian reservation, who ...
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Title: Webonauts Internet Academy
Developer: PBS Kids Go!
This app gives its users anopportunity to have some fun while exploring a web-infused‚ information-rich world...
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Kids Speak 

This section of covers videos relating to Indian history and historical monuments.  India is a hotspot of cultural diversity, amazing historical structures, and places. For instance, the earliest university in the world was in Nalanda, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, is located in our nation!

We strongly feel that children need to get acquainted with their heritage at a young age, and respect the beauties India has to offer. Our country is home to a plethora of astonishing monuments such as the Qutb Minar, Ajanta caves, the Charminar and many more! We want children to learn why these were created, the stories that unfolded within them and their historical legacy. History is a very important subject that can be used to better understand the present and aid in the development of the future.  This is why we feel this section of videos will be especially helpful for your children. 

If your child wants to be a part of our history videos or has an idea for a place or person he/she would like to see covered, tell him or her to write in to us at

Mothers Day 2015
What do they have to say?
Happy Mother's Day! Children from Think Stations tell us why they love their moms and what they would like to say to them on this special day!
Childrens Day 2014
What do they have to say?
On the occasion of Children's Day, we spoke to kids about this special day and their message to parents. Watch the video and be enlightened!
Child Taking on The Rice Bucket Challenge
What do they have to say?
TeamExplore took part in India's own ricebucketchallenge. We nominated Theshriramschool, ScottishHigh and Pathways. Let's spread the care!
Avi's visit to the dentist
Watch as Avi visits the dentist and learns how to keep cavities away! Here are some tips you can keep in mind so you don’t have to visit the dentist anytime soon!
Independence Day 2014
What do they have to say?
Watch what these kids have to say about India's independence! What they love, hate or just want to change. It's true - Kids really do say the darndest things!
Election 2014
What do they have to say?
Our young explorers share their views on the elections and why it is important to vote.
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