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Our muscles are always working. We use them to pump blood around our body, to kick a football...

Title: Sherman Alexie
Author: Sherman Alexie
he story of a fourteen-year-old junior, a teenager on the Spokane Indian reservation, who ...
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Title: Webonauts Internet Academy
Developer: PBS Kids Go!
This app gives its users anopportunity to have some fun while exploring a web-infused‚ information-rich world...
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Animal Fact
Never smile at a crocodile
Smiling from the water, the mighty crocodile can snap us in two with just one crunch of its jaws! Watch this video and find out more about this mysterious creature.
21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are essential for success in life. Developing these skills demand a level of curiosity and an active desire to learn that is easily stifled in high-pressure environments.

V-Explores are designed to make learning fun, effective and a lot of fun. It is designed to build children's curiosity, thinking and communication skills, while they learn, get more confident.

Transcript - Animal Fact

Animal Facts - Crocodiles

Crocodiles are large reptiles that belong to the Crocodilia family along with alligators and gharials. India is home to both the crocodile and the gharial.

Did you know that crocodiles are believed from the prehistoric period!

Crocodiles come in different sizes. Some are around 5-6 feet long, while others can be as long as 20 feet! Let’s learn a little more about these remarkable creatures:

  1. Crocodiles are carnivorous. They eat only meat and have the strongest bite of any animal in the world. They hold their prey with their gigantic jaws, crush them and swallow them whole. They cannot bite their prey into smaller pieces so they swallow small stones that help grind the food.

Wow they actually use stones to help digest their food. That’s strange!

  1. Crocodiles have an amazing set of very sharp teeth. When they lose a tooth, another one grows. Crocodiles can use as many as 8,000 teeth in a lifetime. They don’t have to worry about cavities, do they?
  2. Crocodiles can move swiftly over short distances. So watch out! Don’t get fooled by their sleepy faces! They are fast swimmers.
  3. Like other reptiles, crocodiles are cold-blooded. That is why you will see them basking in the sun, often with their mouth open!! When they need to cool off they do this through their mouths. They often sleep with their mouths open.
  4. Crocodile live in both saltwater and fresh water and can live up to a 100 years.

Are crocodiles and alligators the same? While they belong to the same family they are different



Crocodile have a longer more V shaped head

Alligator heads are shorter and have a more U shaped head

Crocodiles are more aggressive

Less aggressive

Crocodiles are found all over

Alligators are only found in the US and China

Lighter than alligators

Darker than crocodiles

Crocodiles are endangered because of hunting for their skin and due to a loss of their habitat. We must work together to save them.

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Explore Science 
How are we able to float on the Dead Sea?
Explore Science
The Dead Sea is over 8.5 times saltier than even the ocean! It also makes it easier for us to float in the Dead Sea. Join us to explore this extraordinary phenomenon through a simple experiment.
Transcript - How are we able to float on the Dead Sea?

Hi! I’m Udai

And I’m Jayan

And we’re reporting for V-Explore – video journal for children, by children

Udai: Jayan, have you heard about the Dead Sea. Also called the Salt Sea, it is a lake bordering Jordan and Israel.

The Dead Sea is over 8.5 times saltier than even the ocean! Its shores are 1,388 feet below sea level making it the lowest point on land.

Jayan: Why do we call it the Dead Sea?

Udai: The high amount of salt makes in difficult for animals to survive here.

But Jayan did you know that this salt makes it easy for us to float?

Jayan: Cool! Let’s do a simple experiment to show how adding salt to water can increase the buoyancy.

Buoyancy: Buoyancy is the upward force that is exerted by the liquid on an object.

All you need is:

An egg

A bowl or glass of water

Lots of salt!

Udai: Come on! Let’s create our own Dead Sea in a glass!

Gently put the egg into the water. You will notice it quickly finds its way to the bottom! How can we now make this egg float?

Its simple! Just add salt.

Add a few spoons of salt into the glass and stir it gently until the salt dissolves. Careful, you don’t want to break the egg do you?

Let the water settle and watch the egg. You will notice it will start floating to the top. Add more salt if required.

The more salt you add the more the egg will float.

You can clearly see from this experiment that salt increases the natural buoyancy.

This is why it is easy to float in the Dead Sea!

Jayan: Isn’t this cool?

Udai: We hope you enjoyed this experiment. We’ll be back with more soon.

Together: Until then – keep exploring!



How can we defy gravity?
Explore Science
What makes a ball fall to the ground after you throw it up? Gravity. Watch our Explorers conduct a simple experiment to show what gravity is and how it works.
Transcript - How can we defy gravity?

How can we defy gravity?

Hi I’m Meher and I’m Udai

And we’re reporting for V-Explore – video journal for children, by children.

Today we’re going to show you an experiment that defies gravity.

We all know that gravity pulls everything down to the centre of the Earth. This is why rivers flow downhill and raindrops fall down from the clouds.

This experiment however shows how air pressure, or atmospheric pressure can sometimes help defy gravity.

Air, like us, too has weight. Air closest to the Earth’s surface is weighed down by the air above it. We call this air pressure.

So, let’s get on with our experiment.

Put the chart paper over the mouth of the glass, making sure that no air bubbles enter the glass.

Turn the glass upside down.

Slowly remove your hand. The water stays put defying gravity!

This is because the pressure of the air pushing up the chart paper is greater than the force of the gravity pulling the water down!

Isn’t that cool!

I do hope you enjoyed the experiment!

We will be back with more soon

Until then Keep Exploring.


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Explore Places 
A visit to the Ocean Park
We visited the Valencia Oceanographic Park, a huge park full of different underwater creatures as well as land animals! Watch and learn more about this magical place.
Transcript - A visit to the Ocean Park

A visit to the Ocean Park

Hi, Udai here. Speaking from the Valencia Oceanographic Park!

This is a huge park full of different animals – over 45,000!

Let’s begin our journey by looking at all the fish. We can see them while walking in these cool underwater caves. Wow, aren’t these fish colourful?

Oh cool- See this group of fish swimming together? That’s known as a school of fish! But it’s not a boring school where you sit in a class room- in this school you get to swim together!

Here’s a seahorse- isn’t it cute? It looks like a little horse swimming in the water. I found out that it’s the male seahorse that gives birth to babies. That’s crazy!

Do you see the glowing jellyfish? They light up the dark ocean water.  This is because they are bioluminescent. This means that their bodies create light! Jellyfish can live for a few days but some can even live forever!

Hahaha! Do you see that smiling faced fish? That’s a manta ray! This is the largest species of flat fish and they need a lot of space to swim in! They are quite harmless and their food is mainly particles that they find in water.

This cute guy here is a beluga whale. Beluga whales are known as white whales because of their colour, although they are actually grey when they are born. Beluga whales love company and live in small groups called pods. They talk to each other using clicking noises.

My favourite animals to see are the penguins. They look like they are always wearing formal clothes, don’t they? These mammals use the feathers on their body to keep warm in cold climates- they are all found in the Southern Hemisphere!

Now we are going to watch the dolphin show at the dolphinarium.  Dolphins are mammals, and are very intelligent as well. Just look at them performing these amazing tricks with their trainers. They love humans and are very gentle creatures- see there’s the trainer taking a ride on the dolphin!

They are very playful animals- they love jumping out of the water and splashing around. They live in big groups and communicate with each other using echoes or sounds.

Here they come with the grand finale! 

I hope you enjoyed my tour of the Valencia Water Park.

Until next time, keep exploring!

A visit to the Ferrari museum
Watch as our V-Explorer takes you on a tour of the Ferrari Museum, and discover all the amazing Ferrari cars that are on display!
Transcript - A visit to the Ferrari museum

A visit to the Ferrari museum

Ferrari Hi, I’m Udai, reporting from V-Explore, video journals for children by children. Today I am at the Ferrari Museum. Come on, let’s explore!

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929- more than 80 years ago! At first, the only cars that were made by Ferrari were for racing!

Ferrari cars are known for standing out in races. Did you know that Ferrari is the only constructier to have taken part in every Formula 1 event since it started?

Wow! I also found out that Ferrari builds each part of its race cars- from the engine, to the gear box and suspension- they really do it all!

There are so many cool things to do in this museum- I like the screening room. It plays videos of Ferrari race cars playing on a loop.

After being so successful in racing, Ferrari started making cars commercially, and even for movies! Many famous films feature the amazing Ferrari cars.  There are even pictures of famous Hollywood actors like Clint Eastwood with the Ferrari’s from their films. Even James Bond drove one in Goldeneye!

The highlight in the museum was Laferrari.

One thing that makes Ferrari cars similar is that they were designed with a passion for competition! 

This can be proven by the number of trophies they have won. In fact, they hold the record for the greatest number of wins (221)! It was great seeing pictures of some of the best racers of all time, including Niki Lauda. He won the F1, three times, even racing after he had a bad car accident! He was a very determined man.

I’m so excited! We are going for a test drive in a Ferrari. Wow, the seats are so soft. Can you hear the engine? Isn’t it amazing? I have never taken a more fun car ride!

This has been such a fun day, I hope you had a good time watching the video and seeing all the different cars. See you soon, ‘til then keep exploring!

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Explore Nature 
Save The Tiger
Beautiful and powerful, tigers are truly magnificent! Learn more fun facts about tigers by watching this video and feel free to comment on what animal we should feature next!
Transcript - Save The Tiger


Isn’t the tiger the most majestic animal on the planet? This animal is the largest in the cat family and is famous for its power and strength.

Here are five fun facts about this powerful animal:

  • A tiger’s coat has stripes. These can be black, brown or gray, and are unique to each one. But did you know that if you shaved a tiger, you would still see its stripes? They are on its skin!
  • A hungry tiger can eat as much as 27 kilograms in one night! But tigers are gentlemen- they allow the females and cubs to eat first!
  • Despite their reputation, most tigers avoid humans; however, a few do become dangerous man-eaters, such as the Man-Eaters of the Sunderbans.
  • A tiger's roar can be heard as far as 3 kms away! So the next time you hear a tiger’s roar, let’s hope you’re in a zoo!
  • Sadly, over the last 100 years, hunting and forest destruction have reduced tiger populations from thousands of animals to less than 2,500.  We must protect them!
Animal Fun facts
The tallest animal on Earth, the giraffe cannot be missed! Learn more fun facts about this gentle giant by watching this video and feel free to comment on what animal we should feature next!
Transcript - Animal Fun facts


Look up to the sky! What do you see? Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s a giraffe! The tallest mammal on Earth, the giraffe stretches its looooong neck to the trees, to eat leaves!

Here are fun facts about what makes them unique:

  1. The giraffe has a long, purplish tongue that it uses to grab its food.  Measuring about 53 centimeters, this tongue can reach leaves on the highest trees!
  2. While both humans and giraffes have seven bones in their necks, the giraffe’s neck is much longer! That’s how they spot their enemies!
  3. Udai…Can you see bird on the Giraffe’s back. Giraffe’s has a symbiotic relationship with some birds. These birds eats pesky insects of its skin. It return for the food, the bird serve as an early warning signal alerting giraffe of any predator.
  4. Their long legs allow them to run as fast as 56 kilometers an hour. But what makes giraffes truly different is the way they walk- they move both legs on one side of their body first, and then they move the other two! No other animal does this!
  5. What animal do you think a giraffe is like? Well, the answer is a cow! Both these animals have more than one stomach to digest food; in fact the giraffe has four! The giraffe even makes a noise which is similar to a cow mooing! But don’t try to milk it!
  6. Female giraffes give birth after being pregnant for 15 months!   They do this standing up while their babies fall more than 5 feet to the ground at birth! Talk about a rough start to life!


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