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Millions of dollars are spent on research on how children learn, what skills they require to be successful today, and ways to engage them so that learning is effective.

At the same time the Indian education system remains archaic, using little of this research. Enough is said about our system being too dependent on “rote”, dated in terms of curriculum, unable to prepare students for jobs, and failing to build essential skills like critical thinking.

But do we truly understand what this means for our children? Are we really addressing these concerns?

Welcome to Team Explore Think Stations.

Team Explore Think Stations are created using the best research from across the world, supported by the finest experts, with content developed by teams that have designed programs for some of the best institutions in the US and the UK.

The programs are driven by learning through exploration, and sit at the intersection of education and recreation.

Team Explore Modules

Reading comprehension

When a student struggles with reading comprehension, she/he also struggles with academic grades. Reading comprehension requires analytical and thinking skills, essential to help children make sense of what they read in their textbooks. Reading is a skill that only develops with practice.

While students can use “rote” methods to memorize and parrot words, reading comprehension is essential to understand the content, its sequence, directions and characters. Moreover these skills are required to analyze, make predictions and inferences.

Team Explore has developed an extensive program using the best content and teaching strategies.

Areas covered:

1. Identifying the main idea

2. Understanding the details and sequence

3. Following directions

4. Understanding the context

5. Drawing conclusions

6. Making inferences

7. Facts and opinions

8. Cause and effects

A lack of reading comprehension skills impacts your child’s academic performance. These skills are even more vital later on in life in order to be successful!


Explore is a unique and powerful program designed to build 21st century skills as kids tackle concepts they are exposed to in areas like science, math and social studies.

The 21st century framework has been developed by some of the greatest minds in education along with leading education institutions and some of the largest organizations in the world including Apple, Microsoft, Time Warner and Dell.

This framework defines the skills required for success in today’s world. The most important of these are critical thinking, creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration.

The Explore modules are carefully designed to make kids think, collaborate and present concepts their thoughts and ideas. The focus is to build the skills defined  in the framework.  With Explore  the power is in their hands!

Homework Help

Parents struggle with getting home assignments and projects done. Students struggle with getting the support and tools they need. Most find a quick fix –parents quickly doing the work, rushing to stationary shops to buy projects and hiring tutors to plough through it with the kids.

But is this really benefiting your child? Can we make these assignments truly effective in terms of attainment?

Team Explore homework study groups are built to equip children with the tools, peer and mentor support they need so that they are able to tackle their homework efficiently own their own. We empower them.

Other programs being launched in early 2015

•   Structured Communication with EPS School Specialty US – writing and communication skills

•   Math Alive – learning math was never this much fun!

•   Online delivery of reading comprehension and Explore


We don’t have teachers – we have mentors. While they do come from distinguished education backgrounds they have been trained not to teach but to help children explore, learn and then answer their own questions. Mentors guide children as they work, ensuring at all times, that the children are thinking for themselves, and are not being spoon-feed.

Our mentor-training program focuses on building the 21st  Century philosophy. Team Explore mentors are trained by the best external trainers including Colin Rose, Founder, Accelerated Learning UK.

The Team Explore Skill Framework

Walk into our ThinkStations to understand how we can help.

Expert Advice


We don't grow into creativity!

It is not what we know that is important today, but what we do with it! It is our ability to analyze, think out of the box, ideate and create. We need creativity to get on with our lives. Finding that next tagline, strategy or product at work or resolving a tussle at home or even finding a quick fix to a leaking pipe!

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