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RELEASE DATE | November 24, 2013
Team Explore launches Kids Explore a fortnightly kids magazine

A guide for parents to develop a balanced learning preschool program at home

Delhi: This November sees the launch of ‘Kids Explore’; a fortnightly publication conceived by Team Explore, designed to encourage interactive learning among children between ages 3-7. ‘Kids Explore’ serves to guide parents through developing a balanced learning program for their preschoolers at home. The magazine provides learning opportunities in the form of carefully crafted activities that bring parent-child interaction in to play, while offering a fun and engaging way to introduce a child in to early education.

‘Kids Explore’ is an initiative of Team Explore, an integrated consumer education company led by Gayatri Singh, focused on developing skills of creativity, communication and collaboration through various projects, providing an alternative to the existing models of rote learning.

‘‘Our focus is on ‘21st century life skills’ that is paramount in a world where knowledge generation is just as important as information delivery. We believe that a culture of ‘curiosity’ is essential to maintain interest and create successful learners.’’ says Editor Gayatri Singh, educational content specialist and Founder, Team Explore.

‘As parents you are your child’s first and most important teacher, you play a huge role in her/his development. This magazine will help you guide your child to become a well-rounded and successful learner’ adds Gayatri Singh.

Over two decades of brain based research and international partnerships has driven the Educational content at Team Explore. The top line of advisors includes Marie Brown, an Award-winning US education content specialist and Colin Rose; UK-based founder of Accelerated Learning Systems. Curriculums are developed in consultation with international partners, keeping the company in touch with global education climate.

Team Explore identifies 10 essential development areas for preschoolers including Reading, Science and Nature, Memory, Creativity, Thinking Skills, Maths, Music, Vocabulary and Self Esteem. Not only does ‘Kids Explore’ serve as a learning handbook for children, but it also helps parents understand different intelligences, avenues of development and how each activity within the magazine stimulates their child. It delivers a fresh take on early learning through vibrant visual stimuli, but it differs most from other such workbooks in that it recognizes a partnership between parent and child, which results in learning that is most beneficial.

Exclusively distributed by the India Today Group, ‘Kids Explore’ will make its debut to readers in November 2013, with the aim to open up young minds to a new way of learning which is engaging and most of all, fun.


About Team Explore

Team Explore is an integrated consumer education company focused on providing parents and children with educational programs that help build 21st century skills to create successful, happy learners. With a strong focus towards the K-12 industry their products are slated to unfold over the coming quarter with Kids Explorer being the first product.

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Team Explore is an integrated education content company, focused on making education fun, engaging and effective. Their target audience is children aged 4-14. The Team Explore programs bring in the best content and environment to ensure children build essentials skills that make them successful in the 21st Century...


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