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Frozen Frozen

Disney has added another feather to its cap with this lovely 3D feature film which is the witty and heartfelt tale of a princess with creative musical elements.

In a mystical Nordic kingdom, two young princesses enjoy growing up together in a loving family that consists of their parents- the King and Queen. But tragedy strikes when Elsa, who was born with mysterious powers, accidentally injures her little sister, Anna. It’s difficult for Elsa to suppress her strong powers, so she falls into a life of isolation and fear. Her sister, Anna, who does not remember the accident, is hurt by their separation. Things become worse when the King and Queen leave on a journey and never return.

Finally, the fateful day comes when Elsa is to be crowned Queen. The entire kingdom is celebrating. Unable to contain the power within her, Elsa unconsciously allows her people to see her magic, and her beautiful kingdom becomes a land of ice. After this, Elsa flees for a safe refuge. Anna races off to find her sister. Along the way, Anna meets the rugged mountain man, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven - who accompany her on her journey. She also gets help from a funny, magical snowman named Olaf. Together, they must find Elsa and set things right, or the kingdom will never be the same again.

Frozen is a wonderful animated film which the whole family can enjoy. There are great messages woven throughout the film - about the importance of love and family in one’s life. In addition to these wonderful messages, the film is also fun and entertaining with great music!

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