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Take a journey around the world with our exciting journey around the world. Packed with fun activities, cool crafts, engaging experiments and an 80 page book full of information, this kit will make you have fun, all summer long!
Journey Around The World Team Explore
Journey Around The World Ages 8-14
List Price:  Rs 490*
The package includes: • World Geography Book – 80 pages of
exciting information
• A World Map to pin-up
• Country flags
• Daily Activities – this includes
worksheets, recipes and experiments
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* Applicable only within India
We have provided extra content
for everyone who has
successfully completed the quizzes in the journey around
the world.
Once you have completed the quiz
on day 3, use your last answer as
the password to unlock this
Once you have completed the quiz
on day 5, use your last answer as
the password to unlock this
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Product Details
  • Package
    Dimensions: 8.25W x 11.7HT inches
    Language: English
  • Publisher: EdPower21 Education Solution
    Subject: Geography
    Genre: Reference

Summer is here and your child is running out of things to do, so it’s up to us to keep them entertained and well-informed. The Team Explore Journey Around The World summer package is filled with fun activities and experiments as well as material that will take children on a trip around the world from the comfort of their own home. The best part is that it will give you and your child something enjoyable to do together, as well as encourage him/her to learn more about the world. We have a website full of fun things to do to assist you. Let’s take a trip around the world together!

Journey Around The World  is a 2-week program that takes children to different parts of the world to learn about the continents, arts, crafts and culture.

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