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Gravity - What goes up must come down!

Have you ever wondered why rivers flow downhill, why it is tougher to walk uphill, or why a ball drops back down when thrown up? This is because of the Earth’s gravity! Without gravity, we would all float off into space.

What is Gravity?

Gravity is an unseen force that attracts all objects in the universe to each other. The Sun’s gravity keeps the planets in their orbits. The Earth’s gravity ensures the moon orbits around Earth rather than float away.

The gravitational force of other objects in space pulls the Moon away just enough so that it does not crash into Earth!

Courtesy: Dreamstime

Gravity we experience is the force of the Earth pulling things towards its centre.

Refresh: Gravity pulls everything towards the Earth!

The larger and more solid the object, the larger its force of attraction

Why do we need gravity?

We need gravity because:

  • It stops us from floating up into space.
  • It makes sure the Earth revolves around the sun. This helps us stay warm enough to survive!
  • It makes sure water falls back to Earth in the form of rain and snow.

If gravity can’t be seen, how do we know so much about it?

It was Sir Isaac Newton, a famous English scientist, who first discovered gravity.


"I have no new ideas for my science book. I’ll be the laughing stock of the scientific community!"


Suddenly an apple fell on his head. He began to wonder, "Why did the apple fall down and not go up?"


Just then, an idea struck Newton. “I’ve got it! Some force must be pulling it down! I’m going to call it GRAVITY.”

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

Rivers and Gravity

Rivers flow downhill because of the force of gravity. They usually originate up high in mountains. The Earth’s gravity forces water down to the plains, tumbling over cliffs and rocks. A river can flow in any direction - east, west north or south – but it will always flow downhill.

River Zanskar flowing down the mountain. 

Check out our young V-Explorers defy gravity with this cool experiment on gravity!

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