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Force makes the world go round. It makes the car move and even your doorbell ring. What is force? A force is a push, pull, stretch or even a squeeze that makes an object move, alters its shape or changes its speed or direction.

Each time we push or pull something we apply a force. Here are some fun things we do by using force!

Push Pull Squeeze Stretch

What can a force do? 

A cart does not move unless we push it. When we push it, we apply a force. Force can speed up things, slow them down, turn things around, change an object’s direction or even change an object’s shape.

opening a bottle requires force
When we open a bottle cap, we are applying force. Force can turn things around.

Can we see a force?

When the wind blows, we can feel it but can we see it? No, we cannot but wind is a force that can move things. It can power homes, boats and even sweep us off our feet! But we cannot see wind.

we cant see force

Can we see any other force? Not really. Force is invisible. It is all around us but we cannot see it!

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