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Conservation is about using our scarce resources wisely. It is being more careful about using our resources so that they last for a longer time. Conservation avoids waste while reducing the harmful effects of use such as pollution.


Think of a large bowl of sweets. Eating too many too fast will result in the bowl emptying a lot quicker. It will also come with the negative impact of eating too much sugar – bad teeth and excessive weight.

Conservation therefore helps in two ways:

1. Conserving the limited resource
2. Reducing the negative impact of use of the resource

Petrol is a limited resource and a fossil fuel. One day it'll run out if we don’t use it carefully.

Courtesy: Fanny Schertzer
Energy Conservation

Energy is the power to work. Every time we run across the field, ride a bike or even sit in a car, we use energy. Energy lights up our homes, powers this computer and keeps our buses running. Energy is very important to our lives. A large part of energy comes from fossil fuels which is limited in supply. We therefore need to conserve it and avoid senseless waste.

Windmills use the energy from wind to generate electrical energy to light up our homes.

Our next article will talk about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy

Prevents Global Warming

Using certain forms of energy results in the adding of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases trap some of the Suns’ heat, stopping it from escaping the Earth’s surface. More greenhouse gases results in more and more heat being trapped, which in turn heats up our planet. This is called global warming.

Conserving energy reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses, therefore also helping our planet.

Important words: Conservation, Resources, Energy, Global warming

Conservation is about using our limited resources wisely. It focuses on ways in which we can avoid waste and conserve what we have. Conserving also reduces pollution, which is a huge concern.

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