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Energy Conservation: Lets Consume Less

Over the last 200 years, humans have been highly dependent on fossil fuels (oil, coal, natural gas) for their energy needs. Today, most of the electricity generation depends on the burning of coal! Our cars, ships, planes and trucks are all powered by oil. Natural gas is used in homes to power our stoves.

Coal Power Plant, Eggsborough

We know the dangers of using to much fossil fuel already:

  1. Burning these fuels can damage our environment
  2. These resources are non-renewable and will run out if we don’t control use

The world is investing in developing technology to help us use more renewable sources of energy – but this will take time. Also it is a lot more expensive. What can we do?

We have already written earlier about the 3 R’s. We do read a lot about recycling and reuse. Today, lets focus on reduce. Lets consume less – this one has the greatest impact!

Companies use a lot of energy to make all the goods and design all the technology. They also use a lot of energy to transport these goods. It is here that we need to think of energy conservation. Being more aware of what we consume everyday can help the planet greatly. We can make a difference by choosing wisely when we buy. Here are some ideas we must keep in mind when we buy something:

  • Buy products that require less production and transport.
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are locally produced.
  • Shop for goods made locally. It takes a lot of energy to transport goods from overseas.
  • Buy products that use natural resources rather than plastics. It will take thousands of years to get rid of the plastic you don’t need anymore.
  • Buy products that done use a lot of packaging
  • Carry what you buy in your own reusable bag

Reduce and Reuse

But the most effective of all is to consume less. Buy only what you really need. We live in a world where new things excite us and impress others – but what good is that when we are damaging the most important thing for our survival, our planet?

  • Avoid products that are disposable or ones with loads of plastic and packaging. Think of whether you can reuse an item you have rather than buy something new. Encourage your friends to do the same – if all of you believe in reducing the desire to impress each other with new toys will disappear.
  • Donate your old goods to charity and ensure they are put to good use. Hold a garage sale to keep your reused things in use!  You will help the environment as well as learn about running a little business.
  • Lastly, stop sitting inside with television, PS3, or air conditioners on. Go out and play and then jump into a pool to take a cold shower. 

Once you start thinking about saving energy you will find your own ways of doing this. Share them with us so that we can share them with your friends across India. 

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