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Carbon Footprint

Have you noticed how you leave footprints when you walk in the sand, the mud and when you've got wet feet? Similarly, you also leave something called a carbon footprint. However, you can't see your carbon footprint, but it definitely has a huge impact on the earth and leaves a mark just like the ones in the sand and the mud.


Carbon Foot Print

Carbon footprint is the total amount of Carbon dioxide we create when we use electricity or other fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is an energy-waste, and is also a greenhouse gas. Many scientists state that greenhouse gases are making the earth too warm. The bigger the carbon footprint, the unhealthier our planet will be. Knowingly or unknowingly, we create carbon dioxide every day. Almost every activity of our daily life contributes to increasing the carbon footprint. This includes anything and everything from burning of the fossil fuels, lighting, cooling and heating homes, schools and workplaces to driving to school etc. 

Impact of Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse Gases are dangerous as they trap heat within the atmosphere. This impacts the world climate by raising global temperatures. The rising global temperatures could lead to drastic climate changes such as changes in rainfall patterns (more rain in some places, less rain in others) and melting of ice worldwide which could result in a rise in sea levels.

Did you know that the electricity you use in your home creates the biggest part of your carbon footprint? Although electricity doesn't produce greenhouse gases when you use it, the power plants that produce the electricity do. The energy that we use to power our computers, printers and lights requires electricity. Electricity is made mainly by burning coal. When we burn coal (fossil fuel) we get smoke. Smoke is made up of lots of sooty bits like the black stuff in your pencil, which we call carbon.


The more energy we use, the deeper our footprint gets and the harder it becomes to remove it. If we leave our lights on, or our Computers, X-boxes, IPods, IPad, Air conditioners or even our TVs when we’re not using them, we are using unnecessary energy.

Even though our lovely trees spend most of their lives cleaning up our carbon from the air and changing it into oxygen that we can breathe, we humans are producing more carbon than the trees can clean up, so we need to do something about it!

Ways to reduce Carbon Footprint

Use Renewable Sources of Energy

Using renewable energy sources such as the solar power, hydropower and wind energy can reduce our carbon footprint. Unplugging appliances when not using them, turning out lights when you leave the room, taking a bus, train or plane instead of a car, carpooling with other families and using bicycles when possible are some other methods of reducing carbon footprint. Another way is to plant more trees wherever possible since trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen into the atmosphere.

So let’s make a promise to reduce the Carbon Footprint, because if you don’t then Carbon will be leaving its black paw prints all over our Earth!

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