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#24 What's the temperature?

Body Temperature of Animals

Just like humans, the body of animals must be kept at a constant or normal temperature for all parts of their body to work properly.  A thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the body for humans as well as animals and the unit for measurement on a thermometer is degrees centigrade.

What is the normal body temperature for animals?

While the normal body temperature for humans is 37 degree centigrade, the normal body temperature varies from animal to animal. For example, the body temperature for animals ranges from about 35 degrees in an elephant to 43 degrees in smaller birds or the body temperature of camels will vary with the time of day and also the availability of water.

Animals whose body temperatures ranges from 35 to 38 degrees are the mule, horse, mouse, monkey, ass and elephant. Animals like the sheep, dog, cattle, pig, rabbit, etc. have a normal body temperature ranging from 37 to 39 degrees, while the goose, duck, vulture, owl, etc. have a normal body temperature ranging from 40 to 41 degrees and smaller birds like the pigeons and fowl have a body temperature ranging from 42 to 43 degrees.

How do animals maintain a constant body temperature?

Just like humans, animals need to eliminate excess body heat, in order to maintain a constant body temperature. While some animals do so by sweating, others control their body temperature in a number of ways like wallowing in mud, panting (we see our dogs often doing this on a hot day), lying in the shade to cool their body, walking and even running! When we move from place to place, we can feel the changes in the temperature around us but that does not mean that the temperature of our body is also changing. This is because we are warm blooded. All other warm blooded animals are the same; their body temperature does not change according to the temperature around them.  However, the body temperature of cold blooded animals such as fish, frogs, snakes, lizards, insects and  tortoises changes with the temperature around them.


Among dogs, breeds such as Lhasa apsos, Boxers, Pugs and Bulldogs, which have shorter noses, are more prone to heat stroke as they cannot pant effectively!


Humans and all the warm blooded animals are classified as “Homeothermic.”What is the term used to classify cold blooded animals?

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 a. Hypothermia
 b. Poikilothermic
 c. Homeostasis



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