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#7 Convection

How does an entire room get warm? There is no direct contact between the heater and the entire room. The heater sits in a corner of the room, hence unable to radiate rays across the entire room. Then how does the heat get transferred? This is where convection comes in, the third form of heat transfer.

Convection is the transfer of heat through the motion of particles such as water or air. In this case it is the movement of air. The heater warms the air around it, which rises. Colder air is pushed down and get warmer as it meets more warm air.

Did you know that land and sea breeze is a result of convection. Water boiling is also a result of convection. Can you explain how? 

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TEAM EXPLORE: It is the transfer of heat through the movement warm liquid or gas particles from one place to another. In the case of land and sea breeze it is the movement of air that helps transfer heat. During the day the sun’s rays heat both the land and the sea. Land heats faster than water. The hot air above the land rises and cooler air above the sea moves towards the land to take...

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Miss Maanavi Pradhan Singh 15 years.
March 28, 2014
During the day, the sun that warms the land also warms the air and since the land heats up quicker than water, the air...

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Answers (4)
Miss esha arora, 17 years | Posted March 12, 2014
During the day the land gets heated faster than the water. The air above the land becomes hot and rises up and the cool air above the sea comes there to fill the gap. This is termed as sea breeze and at night the sea cools down more slowly than the land, so the cool air from the land moves towards the sea, this is called the land breeze. similarly when water is heated, the water near the flame gets hot and rises up. The cold water from the sides moves down towards the source of heat. This cycle is repeated and slowly the whole water becomes hot.
Miss Mehak Juneja, 14 years | Posted March 13, 2014
In the case of water boiling, the heat first passes into the water by conduction through the metal of the pan or heating element. The water as it gains heat, begins to rise as it's Density Decreases. (The water begins to expand). As the column of warmer water rises, cooler water from the top and sides moves in to replace it and, in turn is heated and rises. This continues and gets more 'violent' as the water becomes hotter and the Convection currents thus set up produce a Circulatory motion within the liquid. Eventually, the action becomes very strong and the water takes on a 'Rolling' motion as bub
Master Amar Arya, 16 years | Posted March 28, 2014
During the day, the sun warming the land also warms the air. Since land heats up quicker than water does, the air over land gets warmer than the air over the water. Consiquently, the warmer air, being less dense moves up. To fill its place the cooler air over the water moves in to fill its place creating whats known as a Sea Breeze. Reversly, at night the land cools down faster than the water does, and creates a Land Breeze. This is due to convention
Miss Maanavi Pradhan Singh, 15 years | Posted March 28, 2014
During the day, the sun that warms the land also warms the air and since the land heats up quicker than water, the air over the land gets warmer than the air over water. The warmer air is less dense so it moves up. The cooler air over the water then moves in to fill its place and that is how sea breeze is created. When we heat water, the water at the bottom of the pan gets hot first, while the water at the top is still cool. The hot water rises to the top, forcing the cool water down, where it too gets heated. This up and down movement is convection current.

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