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#12 Palindromes

A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled exactly the same way, both forward and backwards, such as the word ‘pop’. The word ‘palindrome’, derived from the Greek words palin meaning ‘again’ and dromos meaning ‘way or direction’, was coined by the English writer Ben Jonson in the 17th century.

There are entire poems that are done as a palindrome!  The first publication of palindromic poetry is a 416 line poem titled "Ethopoiia Karkinike." Composed of short lines, it was written in 1802 by a Greek person named Ambrose Hieromonachus Pamperes.

Did you know that 911 is a palindrome number if written in Roman Numerals, IXXI?

Can you think of the palindromes for each of the following clues?

1.       A female sheep________

2.       To turn to something for information___________

3.       A polite way to address a woman______________

4.       A sporty boat with a paddle_____________

Can you think of any more palindromes: word, number and phrase category?

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#12 Answer
TEAM EXPLORE:   1. Ewe, 2. Refer, 3. Madam, 4. Kayak A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of symbols or elements whose meaning, arrangement or the sequence of letters/symbols is the same way in both forward and reverse directions. Famous examples include: Civic, Noon, Defied, Dad, Mom, Madam, Radar, Racecar, Level, Pop, Rotator, No lemon no melon, Not so Boston etc. The year 2002 was also a palindrome number and the next palindrome year is 2112!!...

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Mr. Aditya Khanna 42 years.
May 30, 2014
Palindromes are words which can be spelled the same way, both forward and backwards. Some palindrome words are: Race car, dad, mom etc. Answers for...

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Answers (2)
Mrs. Amita Arya, 39 years | Posted May 30, 2014
The answers are: 1. Ewe 3. Madam 4. Kayak
Mr. Aditya Khanna, 42 years | Posted May 30, 2014
Palindromes are words which can be spelled the same way, both forward and backwards. Some palindrome words are: Race car, dad, mom etc. Answers for the question are: 1. Ewe 2. Refer 3. Madam 4. Kayak

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