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#10 Are there mountains under the sea?

Yes, there are many of them and they come in all shapes and sizes! These mountains are formed due to volcanic activity under the sea. They generally form when the volcanic mountains rise up from the seafloor but fail to reach the surface. These mountains form clusters or groups. Some are so high that they stick out of the water to look like islands but they are not islands. These mountains follow a distinctive pattern of growth, activity and death.

The Loihi in the Hawaiian Islands is one such mountain! These underwater mountains were once thought to be hazardous to submarine navigation, but today scientists recognise them as biological hotspots as they support a dazzling array of marine life. Because of their abundance, these mountains are one of the most common ecosystems in the world. They attract plankton, corals, fish and marine mammals alike.

Do you know the scientific name for these underwater mountains? How many of them are there across the globe?

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#10 Answer
TEAM EXPLORE: These mountains are called ‘Seamounts’. A Seamount is a mountain rising from the ocean seafloor that does not reach the sea level (water surface). Those that break from the surface become islands. Scientists approximate that there are some 100,000 seamounts which are at least one kilometre (3,281 feet) high. Because of their large numbers, many seamounts remain to be properly studied and even mapped. It has been estimated that seamounts cover a vast area...

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Master Amar Arya 16 years.
May 01, 2014
The mountains under the sea are called as Seamounts. These seamounts vary in height. They can be as small as 50-100m or as big...

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Answers (3)
Master Manan Verma, 15 years | Posted April 30, 2014
Yes, there are mountains under the sea. These undersea mountains are called as Seamounts. The scientists estimate that there are at least a 100,000 seamounts in the world!
Miss Mehak Juneja, 14 years | Posted May 01, 2014
The mountains under the sea are called as Sea Mountains. There are thousands of them in the world.
Master Amar Arya, 16 years | Posted May 01, 2014
The mountains under the sea are called as Seamounts. These seamounts vary in height. They can be as small as 50-100m or as big as to form islands when they breach the water surface. The scientist say that there are as many as 100,000 seamounts around the globe.

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