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#13 Greek Root Words

Language whether it be spoken or written, consists in the use of words in a certain structured and meaningful way to express some thought, idea or feeling. A word is then the most important unit of the language we use to communicate our sentiments. Most of the languages spoken in the world have words adapted from other languages. In English, for example, many words are derived from the Greek language itself! These words are called as root words.

A root word, as its name suggests, is a word or part of a word from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and suffixes. The root of the word vocabulary for example is 'voc', which is a Latin root word, meaning ‘word’ or ‘name’. You'll find there are several Greek root words used in English. You will recognize them once you learn them. For example, the root word "auto", which means "self" is commonly used in words such as "autocratic" and "autonomous". Another root word you might recognize is "geo", which means "earth" and is used as a prefix for the words "geological" and "geocentric".

Reema is learning about ancient Greek. She has a list of Greek roots that can be found in many English words.

Can you help her match each Greek root to its meaning?




 Biblio   measure
 Bio  book
 Cycl  sound
 Meter  life
 Phon  circle
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#13 Answer

TEAM EXPLORE:  These Greek root words when matched correctly would be as follows:

Bibio Book
Bio Life
Cycl Circle
Meter Measure
Phon Sound




Best Response
Mrs. Amita Arya 39 years.
June 06, 2014
The right match up would be: Biblio-book, bio-life, cycl-circle, meter-measure, and phon-sound....

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Answers (2)
Miss Mehak Juneja, 14 years | Posted June 06, 2014
The answer for the following three Greek root words are: Bibio means book Meter means Measure and Phone means sound
Mrs. Amita Arya, 39 years | Posted June 06, 2014
The right match up would be: Biblio-book, bio-life, cycl-circle, meter-measure, and phon-sound.

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