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#5 Frost-quakes! Really?

This January the news was filled with information about the polar vortex that put US into a deep freeze. 

However, even before this the subzero temperatures in Canada was causing “frost quakes”. People woke up to strange “booms” that was caused by the sudden extreme cold! 

Yes when it’s really cold suddenly, the ground shakes, though this happens rarely. Why does this happen?

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TEAM EXPLORE: The reason is quite simple. The water that is under the ground suddenly expands as it freezes quickly. This phenomenon requires a sharp drop of temperature, as the water must be warm enough to first be absorbed by the ground in the first place. This needs to be followed by a sudden quick freeze that causes it to expand! As the freeze causes the water to expand it creates great pressure of the land...

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Master Manan Verma 15 years.
January 28, 2014
When its extremely cold, the water in the soil forms changes to ice.The ice exerts pressure on the ground and there is movement. These...

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Answers (3)
Miss esha arora, 17 years | Posted January 27, 2014
A cryoseism, also known as an ice quake or a frost quake,may be caused by a sudden cracking action in frozen soil or rock saturated with water or ice. As water drains into ground, it may eventually freeze and expand under colder temperatures, putting stress on its surroundings. This stress builds up until relieved explosively in the form of a cryoseism.
Master Manan Verma, 15 years | Posted January 28, 2014
When its extremely cold, the water in the soil forms changes to ice.The ice exerts pressure on the ground and there is movement. These are called frost quakes.
Master Karan Khanna, 16 years | Posted January 30, 2014
Frost quakes are also called cryoseism.They are caused due to sudden cracks appearing in frozen soil due to extremely cold temperatures.

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