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#8 What’s in a name?

Sometimes after a visit to the zoo don’t you wonder how all the different animals got their names? What do their names mean? Why is a Rhinoceros called a Rhinoceros and not a Giraffe?

It is very interesting to know how animals got their names.

Rhinoceros comes from the Greek word rhino meaning “nose” and keras meaning “horn”. Similarly, Giraffe comes from the Arabic word zirafoh, which means, “long neck”! Leopard rose from the Latin word leopardus meaning “spotted lion”, while the elefantodonto, the Greek word for ivory, gave rise to Elephant.

How do you think the Hippopotamus and Duck got their names?

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#8 Answer
TEAM EXPLORE: Two Greek words, ‘hippos’ meaning ‘horse’ and ‘potamos’ meaning ‘river’ were put together to give us the ‘river horse’ we know today as the ‘Hippopotamus’! While the ducks are birds who ‘duck’ or dive in the water, their name comes from an old English word ‘duce’ which means a ‘diver’, thus expressing the idea of a bird that dives. All species of plants and animals have two names, one scientific and the other usually given by the local...

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Master Shamu Bose 15 years.
April 07, 2014
The duck is so named because it ducks in water. Duck is from an old English word "duce" which means diver. "Hippos" means horse...

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Answers (2)
Master Shamu Bose, 15 years | Posted April 07, 2014
The duck is so named because it ducks in water. Duck is from an old English word "duce" which means diver. "Hippos" means horse and "potamus" means river in Greek.
Mr. Parthasarathi Datta, 47 years | Posted May 06, 2014
Archita Panja, 10+ years, Tollygunge, Kolkata Class – V, G.D. Birla Centre for Education The Hippopotamus got its name actually from the ancient Greek word “hippopotamos” which is a combination of two Greek words Hippos meaning “horse” and potamos meaning “river” and putting together it means “horse of the river”. A meaningful name because this animal spends most of the time in the water and some-way it definitely looks like a water-horse with its ears & nostrils. The Duck got its name originally from the old English word “duce” meaning diver. Duck is a bird who dives under the water.

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