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Amulya S Shenoy, 6 years
Winner of the “Friendly Frog” contest.
We have lots of fun
competitions with great
prizes for kids!!
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Our muscles are always working. We use them to pump blood around our body, to kick a football...

Title: Checolo Board Game
Distributed By: Toykraft
Checolo is a logically appealing, competitive and fast-paced game for the entire family. This unique, logic-based board game is sure to bring out your kids’ intellectually competitive side.
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Title: Webonauts Internet Academy
Developer: PBS Kids Go!
This app gives its users anopportunity to have some fun while exploring a web-infused‚ information-rich world...
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Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Photography is both an art and a science. As an art, photography is a splendid tool of creativity and self-expression. A photograph, despite being a still, speaks volumes and becomes a repository of our fondest memories.

Team Explore introduces you to its Photography Competition section. Here, we hold photo contests for kids across all age groups. We welcome children to click pictures and share with us their perception captured and immortalized in a frame. If you wish to enter your child’s photo in this competition, then this is the place to be! Usually a theme is provided to you well in advance, so that you can send in your entries without rush and give us a good composition.

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We don't grow into creativity!

It is not what we know that is important today, but what we do with it! It is our ability to analyze, think out of the box, ideate and create. We need creativity to get on with our lives. Finding that next tagline, strategy or product at work or resolving a tussle at home or even finding a quick fix to a leaking pipe!

Think Stations

Millions of dollars are spent on research on how children learn, what skills they require to be successful today, and ways to engage them so that learning is effective.

At the same time the Indian education system remains archaic, using little of this research. Enough is said about our system being too dependent on “rote”...

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