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*DISCLAIMER: As the saying goes - too much of anything is not good! Research at Harvard has shown that too much screen time can hamper your child’s mental development and creativity. If your child is staring at a screen for more than a couple of hours a day, this needs your immediate attention. Limit screen time and ensure what he/she watches is safe and enriching.
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Fog in a Jar!
Let's make our own fog in a jar! You will need:  A glass jar. Hot water. Ice cubes Plastic bag. Step 1: Fill up the jar with hot water and let it stay for about a minute.   Step 2: Next, pour out most of the water...
Fog in a Jar!

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We don't grow into creativity!

It is not what we know that is important today, but what we do with it! It is our ability to analyze, think out of the box, ideate and create. We need creativity to get on with our lives. Finding that next tagline, strategy or product at work or resolving a tussle at home or even finding a quick fix to a leaking pipe!

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