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24th Nov: Team Explore launches Kids Explore a fortnightly kids magazine
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Team Explore is an integrated education content company, focused on making education fun, engaging and effective. Their target audience is children aged 4-14. The Team Explore programs bring in the best content and environment to ensure children build essentials skills that make them successful in the 21st Century. 

The company launched its first magazine, KIDS Explore, for ages 4-8 years in December 2013, in association with India Today. The magazine has already got great reviews from parents, schools and advertisers. The website, along with the magazine, is focused on bringing parents, children and experts together as a community.

Over the next 3-4 months Team Explore will be launching their first 21st Century ThinkStations in India – these innovative centres are built based on the latest brain research and looks at equipping children with the key skills required for success in today's environment.


Gayatri Singh

Gayatri co‐founded Q2AMedia in 2000, a leading education content services company that primarily developed content for the K‐12 market in the US and Europe. She was instrumental in developing their services offerings and also steered the company towards a more IP and product development focused direction. Recognized by clients as a content specialist, she has helped design education programs for today’s tech savvy kids. Her Clients included Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, HarperCollins, Cengage, Disney Learning, Scholastic, and Time for Kids.

Gayatri has over 18 years of entrepreneurial experience. In 2009, she received the Tata Stree Shakti Award for Woman Entrepreneurship.

Gayatri is passionate about making education more innovative. She is also a member of the core team of iamgurgaon ( – an NGO focused on making Gurgaon a better place to live in.

Simmi Sikka
Chief Innovations Officer

Simmi is Team Explore’s creative leader with over 20 years of experience in strategy, operations and product design. She previously worked with Q2AMedia as their Creative Director and Head of Innovations. As a part of their core team, she led the development of educational materials and products.

Prior to joining the Q2AMedia team, Simmi worked as a creative director/art director with publishing as well as interactive companies. She has a strong understanding of product development and deliveries in education.

Manisha Pradhan
Managing editor

Manisha has years of experience in writing and editing content and conducting workshops for children. She used to be a content writer for some renowned film based websites and has also been an executive editor of a film based magazine. While writing about films she interviewed some of the top actors and attended filmi events ranging from launches to premiers. But amidst it all she realised she would rather be in an environment which is grounded in reality and which is all heart. This realisation brought her back to writing for kids, because for her nothing else compares to the innocence of kids and their yearning for newer but simpler adventures in life. She loves what she does and she's always experimenting with new, innovative ways to make learning fun for kids.

On weekends you might find her baking, playing hopscotch or camping under a tent in her living room with her 10 year old daughter.

When she's not writing, she enjoys painting, craft, reading, cooking and travelling. What she definitely likes the most though is being a Mom!!...


Pramod Bhasin

Founder of Genpact, Pramod served as its President & CEO till June 2011. He currently serves as their Vice Chairman. Widely considered the founder and pioneer of the Business Process Management industry in India, this industry currently employs over a million people. Today, Genpact is acknowledged as the leader in its industry with over 65,000 employees, across 17 countries and generating nearly $2b in revenues.

Pramod serves on the boards for NDTV, Bank of India, DLF Ltd and SRF Ltd., and is on the Governing Boards of IIM Lucknow, Lady Shri Ram College, and Shri Ram School. He also served as the Chairman of NASSCOM.

Pramod is currently working to build “The Skills Academy”, a pioneering institute to enhance employability, with a focus on people in the unorganized sector. He promotes entrepreneurship and financial inclusion through a variety of initiatives. 

Sandeep Kohli

An entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience with global companies like American Express and Yum! Brands, Sandeep has an extensive experience in setting up and sustaining businesses in the Retail, Food & Beverage and Real Estate sectors.  He successfully launched KFC, Pizza Hut and A&W brands in the Indian subcontinent and Indian Ocean countries and was instrumental in establishing American Express Travel as the leading travel services provider in India.

Sandeep has an extraordinary ability to hire great resources and nurture their skills, many of whom have gone on to become global and regional CEO’s. He is presently involved in various projects in the real estate & hospitality sectors, serving in an entrepreneurial and advisory capacity.

Sandeep brings in a huge amount of franchisee business management experience that will help as we grow our centres across India!


Marie Brown

Marie Brown is a leading education development specialist with a love for language arts. She received the Outstanding Achievement in Educational Publishing Award from the Association of Educational Publishers in 2008. In 2009, Marie was honoured by her alma mater, St. John’s University, with the Distinguished Leadership in Education award.

Colin Rose

Colin Rose founded Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd. in 1985 after writing the original book Accelerated Learning in 1983. This book has sold over 500,000 copies in over 8 languages. He has been researching how people learn for over 25 years!

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur

Shivendra Singh Dungarpur is a filmmaker, producer, film archivist and restorer. He has directed over 450 commercials and produced several documentaries and short films. His most recent project, which also happens to be his first feature length film, is the 2012 documentary Celluloid Man, which has already won two National Awards.

Shivendra has started the Film Heritage Foundation, which focuses on preserving the Indian cinematic heritage. He has worked closely with Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation (WCF) to facilitate the restoration of classic films

Expert Advice


We don't grow into creativity!

It is not what we know that is important today, but what we do with it! It is our ability to analyze, think out of the box, ideate and create. We need creativity to get on with our lives. Finding that next tagline, strategy or product at work or resolving a tussle at home or even finding a quick fix to a leaking pipe!

Think Stations

Millions of dollars are spent on research on how children learn, what skills they require to be successful today, and ways to engage them so that learning is effective.

At the same time the Indian education system remains archaic, using little of this research. Enough is said about our system being too dependent on “rote”...

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